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check this website out


Senior Member
I don't get it. All the sites in the portfolio are actually reasonable. Surely your portfolio site should be the best site you've ever designed?
hahaha!! that is hilarious. surely it's just someone having a laugh. it's one thing to put a hand drawn map on your site but for the love of god put some effort into it! Personally if I were to go there I'de just want to find the blue house!

"I live in a blue house with a blue window......." you know how it goes!


Staff member
Hmm, now what I supposed to do for my new site, I was going for the hippy tripping look....

Does make you wonder how his 'portfolio' has sites that look ok when that site is so 'in your face' but if you click though you see a lot of 'powered by chapter eight' who just happen to offer web design too...

As to the map, I kind of like the idea of the 'hand drawn' map but that's a shockingly bad drawing lol