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Cheap Ink - Worthwhile?


I've been asked to produce 250 vouchers for a mate. I've designed them and thought I'd print them off at home and just cut them up myself. I've done quantities of invites for 100 at home etc and it wasn't too much work rather than use a professional printer.

At the minute with these though they are eating up my CMYK ink cartridges. Fair enough they're in full colour and on a decent setting but for some reason they dont seem to be lasting long.

They are the cheaper version of the Epson T711 - 714 range and I'm just wondering whether anyone knows if I'd get more prints from the real Epson versions.

....and I know I should have just used a professional printers but I'm half way through now so might as well finish it off myself.

Oh and just another quickie. How much would you guys generally charge for the design and printing of something like this? I'm getting 4 to an A4 sheet



Staff member
Personally I never use cheap ink, it's always (in my case) Canon branded stuff.

Not really a big fan of epson so not 100% certain of this but can you not adjust the amount of ink being used, not the quality, but the (I suppose) density of the ink per square inch.

As to how much to charge - cost of ink and paper plus some money for personal time for cutting stuff up
Thanks for the feedback. I don't know if it was a dodgy batch of ink because this last lot that I've got in seems to be lasting a lot longer. Even still I think outsourcing it will be something I'll look into the next time I get a similar task to do.