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Cheap flights to Asia (help)

Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone know of any cheap websites from UK to Asia?
I'm looking to fly from Manc to Trivandrum, Kerala (India) pref. stopping off aruond the UAE

Air Asia are looking cheap but I have to go from Manc > London > Malaysia > Mumbai > Kerala which is a bit extreme!

STA is mega cheap for students and under 26... I am currently a student and under 26, however I wont be a student or under 26 when I fly in October so can't use that :(

Skyscanner is proving to be the cheapest at the moment but would love any recommendations.

Thanks :) xx
Lucky bastard! Just got back from my 2nd trip to India. Already planning a third! :)

I used Skyscanner both times as it seems to give you the cheapest options. I managed to get a flight from London to Mumbai for £350 via Paris the last time. Etihad also has cheap flights to India sometimes via the Middle East.

If you can't get flights to Trivandrum then maybe try Kochi instead and just get the train down to Trivandrum as It's not too far.

Hope that helps!

EDIT: This forum is really good for everything India btw.. www.indiamike.com