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Charity Project

Hi Guys,

I am looking to do a website project for a charity in Newcastle. I feel I need to make a few contacts in Newcastle as Freelance has slowed down a little for me. So, I am looking to do a free project for a charity and if anyone knows anyone interested please let me know.

Thanks guys.


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btw Glen, just because its Charity work doesn't mean it needs to be done for free!
Personally I would charge full rate but at the end of the project choose to make a donation back to the charity depending on whether it is a charity I feel passionate about. -- assuming you have a charity onboard and ready to go?
Hi Mate,

I've tweeted it and everything still no1 as of yet, really shocked to be honest.. Also thanks for the tips to Feoff, thats a great idea about a donation back.


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Hi Glen,

Have you searched about for local charities to contact? I have seen some designers advertising a discounted rate for registered charitites so perhaps take that angle as Geoff says, as some charities will be run as businesses and have available (usually small) budgets for design & marketing,

Have a search around, see if you can find either a small charity based entirely in your area, or offices for a larger charity, is there anything that you would have more of a connection with? A good cause that you would particularly like to help?

Found this which has a basic list: Newcastle upon Tyne charities (may take some digging though as obviously has shops and such listed too)

Good luck :)