Changing jpeg resolutions for print


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So printers, how much of a sin is it to change the resolution upwards?

I am in a messy situation of the wrong file sizes and type and I need it to be a bit bigger, so if I change the file from 72 to 150 will it help or will it make it worse?

Someone help me.


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Changing the resolution in PS will only make the image larger if you have resampling selected. And even then it will lower the quality.

If not, when placing the image in Quark or ID it'll make the image smaller.
Depends on the size of file in question.

If its a 72dpi file thats well say... 3000px x 3000px there is no problem in changing the dpi to 300. If its a 100px x 100px then you could have a problem.

Never heard about seperating your CMYK channels as a 'cheat' - i may be wrong but doubt that will affect anything positively.

As long as you uncheck the resample tick box - it'll get too big.

150dpi ain't good for print. - Rule of thumb - for print its always best to have images as 300dpi CMYK Tiffs.


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As Ross said, depends on the size - What's the final print size for the image? and the orginal image size Michael?