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Cat herding in IKEA


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I'd heard of that being done but I was expecting them to just have a load of camera's and then leave them be for the night. This is pretty staged in my view, no cat will be completely natural with people around, which is a shame as it would have been interesting to see how much damage they did.


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this is very odd, they never really divulged what there motive for putting 100 cats into an Ikea was. Also I feel the final pay off was a little weak. I think they should have done a more sort of Noah's Ark type of thing and as Levi said, just left them to their own devices for the night,now that would be some footage.


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I like it, a simple but clever concept, any cat owner is more than likely going to raise a smile at seeing the cats running around IKEA, and with 9.2mil cats in the UK (looked that up) that's a pretty good stat for appealing to their target audience! As a nation of pet lovers, and pets being seen as a big part of the home, I think it's a clever connection to use :)

I can't imagine leaving the cats to their own devices with the whole store to roam would have been practical, they only had when the store is closed to film, so a night, and even with a restricted area they managed to lose one in a wall unit and had to cut a hole in the wall to get it out.


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yeah but a cat normally likes to 'scent' it's territory, with people being there they wouldn't have had the chance to do so.

Didn't get to see any of the natural hierarchy that would have happened eventually either, can't say one or 2 claws is enough to settle who's boss when we have cat's hissing and doing that really long meeeoooooooooowwwwwwww type noise around mine when they come into contact with another cat.

Mind you out this way cat's may be a little wilder than the ones used in the store, most looked like 'house' cats, the local ones here get to go play in the fields and bring home our 'presents' of half dead mice lol
As a cat owner I did find it funny. But did that guy really think that cats wouldn't get over that little barrier they were using? My cat regularly jumps up and sits on top of the back door, if I wedge it open. As for rescuing that cat behind the wall, waste of time, it'd have got itself out when it was hungry.