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Hi guys,

I am currently working as an account manager on marketing agency and I worked many years alongside with designer, copywriter and so son....

I am looking for a career change and I am wailing to become an art director for advertising.

I have found an onkine school

But as an director you need to know the adobe software.

What course would you recommend?
- Shillington:
- Chealsea Collegue of art:

Or do you have any other ideas?

Thanks a lot


Paul Murray

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Do you have any experience of design/art direction as a whole. Art director typically isn't a role you can just walk into as a graduate, it's a director role, you'd be overseeing other designers and possibly junior creatives, so experience and a good portfolio is the key factor here, not the software. Basically you need to be promoted into the role or eventually hired into it.

Out of the two, I'd probably pick Shillington, simply because I'm more aware of their courses, which cover quite a lot, albeit in a short period of time compared to regular HE design courses. The Chelsea course seems to focus more on the software side of things (a lot of which you can just learn online in your spare time for free) and is intended to be done alongside more involved design learning.