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Car Simulation 2013 - Game Cover


Staff member
YeoBelfast said:
Now, I understand that if a game called 'Car Simulation 2013' was released it probably wouldn't have a car with over 500 horsepower doing a powerslide on the cover. I just felt it looked alright.
you clearly miss the point of the cover for the 'game'.... it doesn't look alright because it's not accurate or representative of the game (assumption based on the game name)


It's not bad, really. I'd work on using a more in focus background image and having a more varied DoF, instead of blurring the whole thing. I'd also have another go at the shadows under the car, they don't look right. It's almost like it's floating at the front.
Levi's right regarding the name though I think NFS, not Car Simulation.

Tony Hardy

Agree about the depth of field and the car definitely screams Need For Speed.

However, as a composite image, it really isn't all that bad. Where's the image of the Mustang from?


Staff member
you two didn't look at the original 'image' for the car did you, it's got the link in the op's post lol
He's changed the colour of the car and applied a blur filter to the background, then cropped to fit the layout.