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Capital of London - Printed Business Cards



A client of mine has received a quote for some business cards and we are sceptical that this is particularly good value for money.

I know there are a few members here that work for printing companies and I was wondering if you'd be able to produce something similar for a better price.

Company/Printer: Capital of London | Luxury bespoke printing | Elegant wedding invitations | Luxury business cards | UK engraved stationery | luxury business Cards | Personalized Stationery | Wedding Invitations | Wedding Stationery


Quantity: 1,500
Pages: One-Sided
Materials: Excelda Pure Dutch white ivory 335gsm
Finish size: 55mm x 85mm
Printing: 2 colours (red and black) / 1 side or 4 colours / 1 side
Print process: Engraved
Finishing: Trim to size, square corner red bevelled edge, interleave with tissue
and package


Price: Option 1 with out without the facebook and twitter logo in black ink -
£954.40 Inc VAT

Option 2 with facebook and twitter in colour - £1702.10 Inc VAT

Any feedback regarding this quote would be greatly appreciated. Is this really good value for money? It doesn't seem like it.. If you need any more info let me know.

This order will be for two sets of 1,500 cards of similar design. My client wants some professional looking cards as he's a financial advisor and he's very keen on them being engraved, looking fancy etc. They don't have to be exactly the same specs as above. So if there are any printers on here that are interested in working something out please let me know.


Junior Member
Hi. I think I can help you if this order is still available. First of all are you or your client interested in working with a printing house from Romania?

printed.com for a similar specification our quote would come to no more then £80.00.
But we do not supply engraving.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the responses guys.

Printed_com, sorry I don't think that's going to be at a similar enough quality to the spec provided.

Geanina, I will ask my client, although I've never had experience with foreign printing services, are you guys the new India or something? ;)