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can't sleep..


Junior Member
..trying to think of a zombie contingency plan that will work.


  • Everyone will wanna go to a gun store to get armed.. Pretty sure the owners have something to say about that and will probably waste you before you even set foot in the door!
  • Everyone will wanna go to a supermarket for supplies.. The above will apply to whoever gets there first.
  • Everyone will wanna leave town.. It'll be gridlocked for days.
  • Some think they can ride it out if they lockdown their house.. But the zombie numbers will just keep increasing outside.
This makes me sad.

Oh, it's not like i just watched a zombie movie or anything..


Senior Member
late for mr p is 10pm.

but that's only because he stays up the whole 4 weeks before, and on the first day AFTER the four weeks, he's then tired.


Junior Member
haha it wasn't that late, no, but it was some intense thinking - eventually knacked myself out and managed to get some zombie-less sleep!

had just watched 30 Days of Night with my bro. We were talking about how some zombie backup plans work, but only with certain zombies. Like the good old fashioned type who just shuffled about, mumbling and moaning. Kinda like me after a night out!


Senior Member
I was up for over 40 hours last weekend, wandering around a spooky monastery which could go right into the next Resident Evil movie :p

Here's a plan though ninjomoo:
- Buy your guns now
- Stock up on supplies now
- Park a car outside of town and use a bike to get there when the zombies attack



Active Member
Watched 28 weeks later last night, and recorded 28 days on some Sky channel and found out it turned be a flick with Sandra Bullock as an alchoholic!


Junior Member
that is most unfortunate, Berry.. Whats happened to Bollock (haha a typo i don't want to correct) these days?!

Onartis, luckily my pop has 2 or 3 rifles and a couple of pot noodle lying around :) And nice idea with the bike!