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Hey guys,

Can't remember there ever being a topic about this. So I was just wondering what the good people of DF thought about cannabis and whether it should be decriminalized like in the Netherlands.

My personal opinion is that it should be decriminalized. Holland doesn't have any more cannabis smokers than elsewhere in Europe and there's nothing to indicate that the number of users would increase if decriminalized. It's so easy to get your hands on anyways, so I believe that the people who want to have a toke on Mary Jane will do so regardless of it being legal or illegal.

The major benefit of legalization would be that you can control the substance. And the government would make a ****load of money on taxes, instead of spending money and ressources fighting a war they will never win. That money could be used for education and advice about cannabis and how it affects you, and programmes for people who are addicted to it (same as alcohol basically). You would also eradicate the whole black market and all the dealers which would result in less crime. And you could buy your weed in a coffee shop in a safe environment instead of from dodgy dealers who might offer stronger substances which might tempt younger kids.

We even have the head of the council (professor Nutt I think he's called) of misuse of drugs advising the government that cannabis is less harmful than cigarettes and alcohol (he got sacked for saying that because it didn't fit in with the governments current policy...freedom of speech FTW? He's a bloody scientist and should be able to state what he believes to be fact). Anyways..nobody ever died from smoking herb, and it has been used for thousands of years as opposed to the much newer drug alcohol which kills many people and causes mayhem on weekends. Even California is taking the step and you can now use it there for medical reasons (it's the only medicine for Multiple Sclerosis etc..). To me it seems insane that it's still illegal to smoke a bit of spliff.

What do you guys think?


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Must be a generation thing as I'm pretty much of the same view.

All 'illegal' drugs should be regulated (both quality and sources) and then taxed, there should also be clear information about the dangers of use etc and also easily accessible things to help over addictions etc. If someone wants to take drugs now they will find a way but don't know what they're getting.

I would put money on drug use dropping once the 'illegal' high is taken away.

Also got the same view of prostitution - legalise it (in certain area's - ie not near a school etc), tax the 'staff', require regular checkups, give 'training' and have random inspections etc. It would likely cost less and seeing as it's technically one of our oldest professions it's not going anywhere, especially considering they usually get away without paying tax on what they earn.

Hell it can't be any worse than wag's and z-listers that kids aspire to be these days, in some cases they're little more than 'selling' their bodies to footballers etc to get a cushy lifestyle. It's seen as ok for a woman to have 1000 sexual partners (as has been in papers recently) but if you take money (and possibly sleep with less in total) it's not, it just seems daft to me.


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I'm against it, but am a hypocrite as the reasons should stop me drinking alcohol but they don't.

I also think that legalising it would increase usage, but only to a level of people who currently would like to smoke it. I don't think it would become common place.

I think I have a jaded opinion of it due to the people I know who take it are mostly complete wastes of spaces who aren't worth the oxygen they breathe. But I don't think is a link to the cannabis I think it's just who they are. But it still jades my opinion of it.

All a bit backwards really :)


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Im totally against drug usage full stop. But that doesn't change the fact that people will indulge and I'm not going to judge a sensible person.

I am and always have been of the opinion, it doesn't matter whether a drug is legal or illegal, there will always be someone who will abuse it.

Personal experience with the whole subject matter, i know people who base their life around the aim of getting stoned, but then I know people who work all week the get wasted on friday and saturday night. Neither is good, doesn't matter that cannabis is illegal and alcohol is legal.


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Mark Alexander said:
Most people don't know, but Portugal actually has the most liberal drug policy in Europe, not the Netherlands. They decriminalised all drugs a while back now, and it seems to have been an all-round success. If you're looking for evidence to support your viewpoint then I think it's a much better case to look at.

Drugs in Portugal: Did Decriminalization Work? - TIME
Very interesting read ;)

I see no harm in legalizing cannabis, but cocaine, heroine (stuff that physically hurts you when quitting) might not be such a good idea, although the article above contradicts that.


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Holiday to Portugal, anyone?

I'm not sure the decriminalisation of cannabis would hurt or hinder the country really. People are always going to try things, regardless. I doubt it will happen in the UK any time soon, partly due to the belief that for many, cannabis is a starter drug, and people can be known to move onto harder substances from there.

I've known many people who smoked weed, educated people as well as bloody moronic people, and in most cases the people I knew to have been smoking the longest and the heaviest were usually pretty messed up on a basic level. Not sure if that was the drug or just them really.

I'd rather go to the pub these days anyway.


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The gateway arguement is a load of rubbish! My mother has 'special' cakes, because it helps with her arthritis, she hasn't decided to try some heroin!

The kind of people who treat canabis as a gateway drug, are the kind of people who would use anything as a gateway drug! The whole problem stems from poor education and misunderstanding. So rarely are people explained the true risks of drugs (both physical and psychological) you end up with a bigger problem! People relying on hersay, conjecture or the daily mail for information!

I think the only reason I would say legalisation is a valid arguement is down to substance control. There would be less people selling washing powder cut with flour (or worse) and atleast that might make it safer. I am not saying that is a good idea, but it reduces the risk for those who choose to dabble.
In my eyes smoking all together is wrong. It's disgusting, why would anyone put themseleves through it. It stinks, it makes you ill and your inhaling smoke...why not stand in a fire/ unbelieveable it should be band.
glenwheeler said:
In my eyes smoking all together is wrong. It's disgusting, why would anyone put themseleves through it. It stinks, it makes you ill and your inhaling smoke...why not stand in a fire/ unbelieveable it should be band.
Well... ostensibly because they enjoy it? Who's to say a shorter more pleasurable life isn't subjectively preferable?


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Mark Alexander said:
Well... ostensibly because they enjoy it? Who's to say a shorter more pleasurable life isn't subjectively preferable?

This argument doesn't sit well with me, as it can be applied to any thing you want it to.

A paedophile enjoys (or is addicted, depending how we look at it) what they do.
Who's to say that an immoral but a more pleasurable life isn't subjectively preferable.

I feel smoking has run its course in modern Britain.

It used to be a social act, to have a smoke after dinner, to go to the smoking room, or an act of removing yourself from a social situation, going to sit in your office for a smoke and a nap. (notice my examples are of higher society groups from the past)

None of these things are considered the norm any more, or at least I don't think they are (?)

So I don't understand the need to begin or continue smoking.
Well firstly I'm not sure what you mean by paedophile. Note that there is a difference between a paedophile and a child molester. Simply being a paedophile harms no-one, since it's merely having a sexual attraction to children, all in the mind. It's when another act is committed that harm begins in that case, and the same is true of smoking. Smoking in itself doesn't inherently harm anyone other than the person who chooses to do it. If you want to ban it in public places then that is another argument, but I fail to see how you can justify forcing people who are simply making a personal choice to agree with you.


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Renniks said:
It used to be a social act.
It still is. People who want to smoke at the pub now all get thrown together to do so and they socialise with people they probably wouldn't have normally. Even some non-smokers join them to avoid being left in the pub!

Why am I defending this? I don't even smoke!
Im not a massive fan of when a lass does it either, who wants to kiss an ashtray? But anyway, I think we're moving into the discussion of mainstream smoking - back to the cannabis!

Has there been any serious, long-term research into the public health and economical effects of legalising drugs?


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Social acceptance is a massive problem. Not so long ago, anyone who spent more than 2 nights a week in a pub was an alcoholic, now they are social drinkers. People who went out on friday and saturday night who consumed their own weight in alcohol were considered degenerate wasters who were a problem to everyone, now they are party animals.

Smoking is the only thing that has experienced a turn towards a social revulsion.