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Cancer suffer wristbands help with ideas


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Right I was talking to my cuz today and she wants to design cancer wristbands in support of her mum who well....:cry:

That people buy and all the funds go to cancer research and support to sufferers and their families.

She has the backing of cancer research just needs to do all the work her self to get them made and sold. Cancer research told her she needs £600 for 3000, then any profit she gets from the wristbands will all, 100% go to cancer research.

So any ideas on where to sell them, advertise them, price, fund raising ideas etc... would be great. She wants to do it on her own as its for her mum and wont accept donations of anyone, people have been throwing money at her but its a her thing you know. :)

I'm helping her with the site and came up with the line:
Help support cancer sufferers

Which will be on the wristband.

So any pointers/ideas, any what so ever?


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Difficult, my immediate thought is "at work" but then theres only so many people at her work, so she'd need other people to help there.

If you need a hand with anything just shout :)


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What about trying to sell at the local swimming pool etc - just an idea more than anything else.

I'm also thinking that the 20p per band seems a bit high if I'm honest, unless it's multicoloured it will be single shot moulding and the text would just be standard letter blocks being inserted into a pre made template (these bracelets are pretty popular now).

Ok just did a google and these 'printers' are making a killing as that 20p is cheap compared with the 75p+ per band.


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Cheers dude, shes only 16, but i may give you a shout if you don't mind, may not she what she thinks first, it is total pro bonno I just have way too much on but will try my best you know.

Yeah I know Cancer research get a mega discount and its going through them, she wont make any money what so ever in selling them, but yeah she had quote in excess of £3k so ouch. But cancer research will also get to claim most of that back in charity tax exception as well.

Good idea though. My other half just came up with contacting race for life and seeing if she can sell them there.

Any ideas on prices?
£1/band? Is that too much?


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At the end of the day, you aren't buying it for a fashion statement, you are giving money to charity and getting something for it.

Whenever I have been to gigs that are for charity, there are usually things on sale at a slightly higher price but it isn't a problem because it is all going to a good place. If you run a function/gig/something then it would be an amazing opportunity to raise some money and get people to buy the bands.

I don't know how much that would help.


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Just read this and that is the pure example that i am glad i told my cus about this :)

The Wristbands are going to be multi-coloured if i can get them like it but i was looking on a few of the websites last night and not many do more than 3 colours

When i start college next week i am going to ask if i can get them sold there and me and a few of my mates are going to be doing a sponsored walk as soon as i know how many people are going to be in it with me

Thank you for the idea's as well i will take them into account :)

And thank you to my cus putting this on here :D


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I probably will try there i am also going to be trying to get them sold at my old air and army cadets as well because they sold the help for hero's and both know about my mum and know how much these wristbands mean to me :)


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Hi Jaz & Wendy,

I'm wondering if there's anyway you could get a trendy colourway going for them, so their message spreads virally, I remember when the wristbands first started coming out, certain colours combined with messages helped them take off & then you spotted them on celebs in the glossy magazines..

Not sure if their's limitations on colours used, but as an example, a colourway inspired by another brand or fashion symbol might help them to take off & help spread the message, like Paul Smith stripes for example:

As another idea, how about bands with some meaning, so for example you could get some stats/research from Cancer Research about the average number/% of people who are diagnosed with cancer, and display that in colours as a % of the band, so imagine it like a pie chart then x% is coloured with the message on each section? That way the bands have related meaning, and help to raise awareness & educate people.

I definitely think you should try to make them unique, then selling them and spreading the word, virally, both off and online would become a whole lot easier. For example the idea above of using the stats, could then be spread via Twitter too, with RT's of the stats on a certain day/time to try and get it as a trending topic, or even the little bands across people's profile photos on Facebook + Twitter.

Let us know if there's anything we can help with, design-wise, could even have a DF competition for the web design if you need help on that side of things Jaz? :)



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To Greg the idea of the colours and percentages sounds really good actually. In all honesty i have been having difficulty in designing the wristbands but i think that the % idea would be good because it gives me more of a way to get designs in my head :)

and to Duncan they are going to be silicone wristbands

I found a website that i can send designs in to see if it is possible to get them made but there isn't much information on the website so i am going to keep looking to see if i can get any more ideas on the wristbands. Also the colours of the wristbands already out to see what cancer types they cover so that i have colours with more meaning behind them on the wristbands