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Can you see what's happening with this code?

I'm trying to work out why this code isn't working properly. I've added a container around a DIV, but now my 'tab' selection isn't working. I've messed with the z-index but must be missing something.

The code looks like this:

<div id="fullwidthcontainersub">
<section id="content" role="main">
<?php if ( have_posts() ) while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>

<div class="entry-content">
<?php the_content(); ?>
<?php wp_link_pages( array( 'before' => '' . __( 'Pages:', 'boilerplate' ), 'after' => '' ) ); ?>
<?php edit_post_link( __( 'Edit', 'boilerplate' ), '', '' ); ?>
</div><!-- .entry-content -->
</article><!-- #post-## -->
<?php endwhile; ?>
You can see what I'm doing here. It's built with WP obviously.

Any ideas?

Tony Hardy

If you structure it so the

<?php if ( have_posts() ) while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>
Falls before <section id="content"> etc, and ends after </section> how does that effect it? I know it'll mess up the width and things, but does it work?

Or, have you tried pasting the code elsewhere and seeing whether it works on it's own?