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Can you own a colour?


I would like to ask your opinion on http://pigink.com
It's a fun site that we've set up for designers where you can 'buy' a colour (well, it's FREE :) ) and give it a name.
You'll get a datasheet on your colour(RGB, HSV, HSL, CMYK, ...etc.) and a selection of cool badges that you can use on your website, forums, blog, ...etc.

I'd like to know what you think about the concept!

Any criticism, good or bad are welcome! :up::down:


I was expecting a lively interesting debate when seeing this title - maybe along the lines of Orange owning 'orange'.

I really don't see the point in this site.

Unless i'm missing something?
T-Mobile certainly thinks so. They say they trademarked the magenta color they use.

Yea - no point in buying/selling color. It's got a half-life anyway. There are only so many colors in the visible light spectrum.


Staff member
Personally I'd class trademarking and owning a colour as 2 different things. I can still use the colour that t-mobile has trademarked for other things but if I use it for a mobile phone service (or related areas) then I would be infringing on their trademark.

Don't see the point in 'owning' a colour and will wait with baited breath a reply from the original poster.....