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Can someone please remind me!

Discussion in 'Adobe Forum:' started by dfrbrowne, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. dfrbrowne

    dfrbrowne New Member


    I haven't done this for ages and now my mind is blank and I just can't remember, probably did it last in a much older version of photoshop as well.

    Ok so I am in Photoshop, I have a rectangular pic that I want as an oval with a gradient on the edges so it has blurred/faded edges if you know what I mean, I am trying to get it done using the gradient tool but it does not give me an option for an oval, its either a circle or straight. I know its a simple job but my mind is blank and I can't find a reference in my books. Should I not be using gradient at all? Someone put me out of my misery! :icon_confused:
  2. Rapidrat

    Rapidrat Member

    That's the selection tool with a feathered edge :)
  3. Squevasquidge

    Squevasquidge Member

    Elliptical Marquee tool...put in an amount for 'Feather' Iverse Selection and delete would be the quickest. But it depends if you want to retain the bits that 'blurr/fade' (the original image) but this is the easiest way for a beginner. (i.e thats what I would do if I couldn't work out the correct way to do it!).
    PS. Blurr and fade are two very different things!

    hope this helps anyway!
  4. TheLogoBar

    TheLogoBar New Member

    Or create an oval using layer masks, then gaussian blur the mask to adjust how soft you want the effect to be. This way you don't lose the original layer.
  5. Bill

    Bill New Member

    Gradient tool works fine, just make sure that you click the "Primary colour to transparent" option, make yourself a new layer, set the type to radial instead of linear and drag from the center of the image to the edge.
    If you need to tweak it, grab a large brush on your eraser tool and set the hardness to 0% and remove whichever parts of the image you want to.

    Any other problems, send me a message. :icon_tongue_smilie:

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