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Can I link my student bank account with my paypal?



Im gonna open up a student bank account because my paypal which has about £300 isnt verified so want to get the money, I wanna ask you guys I if I can link my paypal with my student bank acc?
Or is there any limits to student accs?

I think the account type will be savings I'm earning about £100 a month so will they take TAX?

Im 13,


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Hi Mohammad,

As far as I know you can link your PayPal to any UK bank account, so on that side of things you should be fine.
No idea about the savings account/tax?


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well, any account that is available for usage online.

as far as im aware you cant get one under 16... 16+ you can get a solo account or a visa connect card (i has one)?
I have one of those Paypal cards. It's backed by Visa and a PIN is issued.
The card is used just like a debit card. Any money in the paypal account can be used to make purchases and the like.


I dont think the paypal cards will be any use as I basically wanna get the paypal money out, I need to pay someone by cash..


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Go to the bank and ask.

The student account you speak of is not a student account as that is for University students. You would be on a card plus (I think) or similar account. At 15(? <- ask the bank) you are able to get a chip & pin card which can be used in hole in the walls, most of these are "solo cards" which can be used online at certain sites.

He wouldn't be able to get a paypal card at his age. And would have to check with paypal (which I assume if he can get one this is possible) as to whether he can link it to his (ask the bank) bank account
The only requirement I believe is that your bank account allows Direct Debits to be setup as that is how PayPal integration is done. If you cannot setup Direct Debits then you wont be able to do it.