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Can I get a HELL YEAH!

:D Who's buys who's buying!!

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZeGbQ0fojo"]YouTube - AUTOSPORT takes an in-depth look at Codemasters' F1 2010 game[/ame]

Gamer Tag Xbox 360: DE i2Advanced



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Hell yeah?? :D

Looks impressive graphics wise! BTW when you add a youtube video all you have to do now is paste the YT URL, no need to use the little button to wrap it in YT tags :)


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Ralph, in the video it says that the flight physics are very generous and would probably kill the pilot in real life. More fun though :)

Wee Jimmy

Senior Member
bah I'm just waiting for NFS: Hot Pursuit at the moment, not a fan of racing sims, I like carnage and ludicrous driving :clap:
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9fbvEKJDkA"]YouTube - Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - E3 trailer[/ame]


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Black Ops looks good, but damn there's so many games I want to catch up on, I only recently played (and loved) the Modern Warfare 2 single player demo last week!


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Actually I was playing Majora's Mask the other day lol. Rather looking forward to the new Zelda despite my usual neglect of the wii.

Tom Sound

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Played the first bit of Kane and Lynch at the weekend, its carnage all the way through so far, the online is a robbery and you and your gang have to escape with the loot. You can double cross your buddies, shoot them and grab all the stash. Thing is, every game I've played someone shoots me before I even get any loot then gets shot by the poleece! Am I missing something lol! Anyone played red dead redemption? :)


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Red Dead redemption is good and it looks great but bare in mind that its essentialy gta with horses and that driving the cars was essentialy the only skilled part of gta. Which does make red dead very easy.


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All about Gran Turismo 5, finally coming out this year!

Although I do like idea and graphics of that NFS Hot Pursuit!