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Can I bend one path on another?


Junior Member
Hi everyone,

I have been looking around for the answer to my problem and thought I would try on here. Can anyone help please?

I have traced some text by drawing a path (firstly as I couldn't find the font and secondly as I eventually need it for sign cutting so need vector)

I want to bend this text (which is a few separate paths on one paths layer) around another path, to curve it. I need the curve as I want to stick the vinyl on a visor.

I have Adobe CS3 and know photoshop better than Illustrator but am no wizz on either. I have tried searching google but don't really know what to search, or which program would be best.

If needs be This path could be filled and turned into an image as after it has been curved I could then trace again in illustrator. I would prefer not to if possible as this sometimes distorts.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




Junior Member
That didn't work.

The Oakley is a path

imgur: the simple image sharer (does that link work ok?)

and I want to bend it to fit in the visor strip

imgur: the simple image sharer

So it is bending one path (of a word) around another path, is this possible?

I have tried playing with warp but this is pretty inaccurate and just ends up a bit distorted. As I said I would prefer to keep vector, or it will need to be very crisp so it doesn't distort when using livetrace.