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Cadbury Creme Eggs


Senior Member
Usually I pay about 50p for one, I presume its a nationwide offer but I dont know how many Home & Bargains there are! I prefer Cadburys Caramel eggs, (theyre 3 for a quid) but 8 creme eggs for £1 is a brilliant offer! Imagine the fun you could have with a fiver!


Fun?! I imagine I would probably have to rest for an entire day! Probably after throwing up a couple of times too. I can't resist the creme.


Junior Member
Man, I instantly go weak at the knees for Cadburys Creme Eggs, may have to invest in some this year.
I remember as a kid discussing with my mates about how ace it would be to have an Easter Egg sized Creme Egg filled with the sugary cream inside. Thinking back, eating that thing would be suicide.
I can feel myself getting fatter just thinking about them. I almost managed to get a pack into my shopping trolley on tuesday but the misses caught me. Ended up with crunchy biscuits, yuk, nothing like crunchy's at all :(

Matt Harle

solopressuk said:
Mmmm creme eggs. They're finished now though. Apparently you won't be able to get hold of them until January roles around again!

Matt Harle

solopressuk said:
LOL it's true. I did however notice in Tesco yesterday though that the 6 pack of eggs was going for £1. The last of them methinks.
I've not had enough yet, it's not fair!

Mind, I cannot find cheap eggs anywhere this year. They're all gone from all of the supermarkets and usual cheap shops!

Tony Hardy

I don't like Creme Eggs either. However, the Cadbury's Caramel eggs, they're delicious.