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C Fresh Design - New

Hi everyone,

I am Claire and I am a freelance graphic and web designer based in Preston and Manchester, but I design internationally.

I am extremely passionate and in love with all things design. I literally eat sleep and breathe design. Not only is it my full time job, but it is my hobby. I love nothing more than the satisfaction design gives you? Do you agree?

I design anything from print, promotional to websites and shop fascias. I have decided to join a forum because I am a chatterbox but enjoy helping other people - and would be grateful for any feedback and guidance also. You can never learn too much!

I am also creating a brand new social networking site like no other so I am really keen to get people interested. It is for all creatives and based upon your ideas. It is going to be great. Please subscribe: E-dea or on twitter @youredea

My personal website for my freelance work is: C Fresh Design and you can find me on twitter: @cfreshdesign or facebook: cfreshdesign

Would love some feedback on what you all think of the site, i am wanting to stand out from other designers having that fun, fresh and friendly approach?

Speak soon,

Claire Freshney


Senior Member
I think some of the links are broken, tried to click through from your homepage slider and got nowhere, not even a 404 error.

There's a lot I, personally, would change, mainly the layout and copy, but a few tips are as follows.

Your logo looks pixellated, don't be so harsh with optimising for the sake of a few bytes.
That big white banner to the left of your logo, there's nothing in it, it's not serving any purpose, so why is it there?
For every minute i look at the site, that background gets more annoying :(
I clicked your portfolio and got, an image with pegs on a hairy floor... i clicked that and was greeted by the same page with a big title that said, portfolio.
The home button doesn't work and, is also obsolete, most people will click your logo to get home.
In your About Us, you say you are a Pro or advanced at Photoshop, Illy and InDesign... it's best to be honest.
Your tweets box is infuriating, give the text some space, employ padding or something, it's almost trying to break outta that box. And the arrows are huggin the left hand side like a leper on Jesus.
It takes forever and a day to load a page.

I got bored at this point.

You say you eat, sleep and breathe design yet i see no evidence of that in your work, or on your site, your attempt at adding personality looks forced and stale. You allude to the fact you think outside of the box, yet i think you live in the box.

I hope this helps, cheers


Your site took about 5 minutes to load.. far too large images being loaded.

the design looks very slapdash with regards to your portfolio site.. I think that Berry says it best by Keep It Simple Stupid. The colours used are far too conflicting.. I agree with Romack about the menu issue and the tweet box.

Just my opinion.
Thanks for your tips, can I see your website? Indeed a pro in photoshop indesign etc... and it certainly reflects in my work. Only been doing web design for the past few months so extremely pleased with how far I have come! I agree a few errors that DO need sorting. But thanks for your advice!


Senior Member
love the logo but feels a bit empty where you main content is.

the navigation looks sweet and the fonts seem to be picked out nicely tho.

what is the search feature there for? what am i wanting to search? :)
C Fresh Design said:
thanks! hello :) nice site, I am re-doing mine today..... ive learnt so much over past few months, my site can definately do better.......
I am revamping my website at this present moment.... so will seem a little mish mash for the next 24 hours. The search is there for if you are searching for a specific post or piece of work such as 'editorial' etc... i am also going to be writing lots of tips and tutorials so will also be in place if the user would like to see if I have any tips on 'hosting' for example! Thanks for your comment!
Hi everyone, website not fully complete but please take a look at the new layout. A lot cleaner, professional. Got to sort out the homepage which is going to be the gallery page - showing some latest work. Let me know what you think.


Senior Member
Glad to be of help :) You can see my website when it's built.

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