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Buying advice for a laptop


New Member
Hey there,

Since I´ll be starting university in October I´m currently looking for a laptop which will guide me through my Arts & Multimedia studies. Now, I´ve already taken to Google for help (without success, obviously) and have also done some reading in these forums, but tbh: I´m pretty lost. Currently I´m working on a desktop PC and mainly using Photoshop and Illustrator. However, I expect to be also using InDesign and After Effects for some video related work. I don´t know whether this makes a difference, but I´ll also need the laptop to program, as I´ll study a mixture of design and informatics. Can someone maybe guide me a bit through the sheer mass of laptops and offer me some advice?
All I can say is that I probably want to go for a Windows PC and not a Mac, as I don´t really have the budget for a MacBook and, given that I know my way around Windows, would like to stick with it just because of personal preference.
I had already been looking at these two laptops:
Acer Aspire VN7-592G for 1228€
OMEN by HP 15-ax008ng for 1409€

That being said, the 1409€ laptop pretty much scratches at the top of my budget, maximum 1300€ would be perfect.

Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated!


Staff member
I'd suggest looking at the software you're using on your course first then looking at the laptop you should buy. If you're using say final cut you have to go mac. Don't forget that as a student some companies, such as Apple and Microsoft, offer discounts on hardware.

As to optical, just grab an external usb based one.


New Member
Thanks, I´ll definitely look into that.
The thing I´m mostly concerned about is that, given my limited budget, the only MacBook I could go for is the one with only the Iris Pro Graphics card, and I´m not really sure if that will be enough to stomach things like, as you said, Final Cut or After Effects - or am I wrong here?


Staff member
Isn't Final Cut Pro a Mac only product?

If you need this then you should buy a Mac.

As Levi says, best to find out what programs you are using on your course.

For what it's worth, if you need a Windows laptop I would recommend PC Specialist