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Business Cards.

Paul Murray

Staff member
No. 3, the white type looks nice set against the yellow, but I'm not liking the space between the landline number and the mobile number.

I see what you mean about the branding on both sides but when you hand someone a card they'll only be looking at one side at a time so I don't think it's too much of a problem.


Well-Known Member
Cheers guys.

With regards to the TM, whilst it's probably not necessary, it's something I've always done. With work for clients I put the TM on there, it's something 90% of them always ask me to do, so now it's just a habit!

It adds something a little interesting to a regular logotype, as well as a little security until the name/brand is officially registered. (which I havn't got round to doing yet)

With the space between the landline and mobile numbers, I wasn't keen on the 2 numbers being on separate lines, it moved that block of text too far up the card for my liking, so want to keep it on the same line. I did use 1 space after the landlane before the mobile but something wasn't right.

Maybe a - in between to separate them? I'll give it a go.

Paul Murray

Staff member
It could just be me being picky but my eye was drawn to the space :icon_smile:

A small adjustment to the letter-spacing could perhaps help reduce the gap?
I agree - number 2 from your second set of four. The extra space in the middle of the details looks a bit strange.

I find myself using the Thanks button in the same way as Facebook's Like button - damn Zuckerberg's social behemoth!
Question is which one works hardest? That's the main objective. Business cards are powerful little things and done right can work wonder for your business..