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Business Card Printing Recommendations

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sue pinchin

Junior Member

I want to get some business cards printed and want them to be high quality , but I don't know what finish/spec to go for. Can anyone recommend some printers where they will send me samples of papers and finishes so that I can decide? Also if they will produce a sample of mine for free before I purchase, so that I can be sure its exactly what I want.

Thanks guys



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Hi Sue,

Most printers have sample packs you can request, and every sample pack I've ever had always included business card samples. I don't think you'll find any willing to do samples of your design printed, but you get a very good idea from their samples anyway to be honest :)

We have a few printers here on the forums, all are highly recommended;

Other printers that I've seen recommended;

As for quality spec, the standard weight is 350gsm I think, with 400gsm usually being used for 'premium' business cards as it's slightly thicker. Matt lamination always looks nice, and if you can afford it a UV spot finish can give a very high quality finish. With Spot UV the majority of the card is uncoated/matt, and you pick out elements of the design in the gloss finish, such as logos or background elements, etc.

Hope that helps,

sue pinchin

Junior Member
Thanks DeanZappy, I did try Moo, I uploaded my image, but they put an advertising banner on the bottom which spoilt my design. They charge you to remove it, its not a lot, but thought there must be other places I could try that come recommended.

sue pinchin

Junior Member
Thanks Greg, I hadn't thought of ordering plain samples, thats a good idea. I was thinking of a spot finish on some of the elements as you described. Thanks for the good choice of printers, I'll give them a go.



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No worries, and yes definitely worth just getting their sample packs, if they have a comment field on the form just mention you're looking specifically at business cards & you should get a decent selection through.
Hey there Sue, i would be more than happy to send you some sample business cards with a variety of finishes, just PM me your address. We do not provide free samples of your design, however if you are not happy with your cards (hardly ever happens!) we are always more than happy to reprint free of charge to get it right :D

And thanks for the kind words everyone :)
You can do anything with business cards! Where I work at a digital print company, we do:

- Matt and Gloss Laminating
- Foiling on logos and lettering
- Pantone Printing
- Folded Business Cards
- Landscape and Portrait design
- Thermography, and Lithographic printing, for exact colour match

...yeah you get the idea! We can send samples to you if you wish, to give you some idea, and we can send the end result back via. courier.

Hope this helps!


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I'd also recommend Moo business cards for great prices, quality, and you can put lots of different images on each business card- its like a mini portfolio.
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