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Business Card Design Costing

Hi guys,

Just readjusting my pricing so that I stop doing the profession a disservice.
I've been undercharging for some time and it's time to bring things in line with my skills and the wider market.

How much do you charge for business card design?
Do you charge extra for name changes?

I currently carry out both the design and all name/contact info changes within a fixed fee of £50.
I find it quite quick to put together a suitable card as I've usually carried out the initial logo design so I don't need to spend any time getting to know them and what would or wouldn't work.

I have a feeling that good business would be to charge the flat fee for the initial design, and then extra for name changes?
Of course then there's the matter of ongoing relationships whereby I feel that one wouldn't necessarily charge for the extras in all instances.

I'd love to hear your opinions...