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Business Card Critique

My other thread was getting a bit cluttered so I wanted to start a new one. I'm sure you guys remember my logo...

I changed the colors to green and I've done up a business card draft...this is actually my third redo before showing you guys because I kept doing a bunch of rearranging and I feel that this one turned out pretty well....what do you think?



Senior Member
I've got a feeling that copy is gonna be very small when printed.

I dont really see why there is a green bar up top, and Im not digging the angle thing.

Why say Web & Graphic Designer under your name if your services are at the bottom. I'd also use sentence case on your name - it kinda looks like an error.

Its a nice logo. Big that up. Make it the biggest thing, followed by your name, followed by your services and contact details.


Senior Member
I think the colours could well if used right.

THe angle thing doesnt work for me either and agree that the text is going to be too small.

Maybe try laying the logo in a lighter grey over the background and scale it up, then have your actual logo central with details on the reverse?!
Thanks guys, I agree about the font size...since i'm not familiar with business card design I haven't gotten used to the font sizes...I'm not a print guy yet so this is all a work in progress.

After I put this up I actually enlarged the logo because looking at it in this way it does look too small.

@onartis, I never thought about a vertical card, I might give that a try...good idea. Would be different too because most people around my area aren't design people so seeing a vertical card would really stand out...only times I see those is on the inspiration forums so i'm definitely going to give it a go.

Thanks for the input guys.
Okay, back to the basics...going for a bit more simple because I think that will be the easiest way to get the point across. I also took out the services at the bottom and just made it with "web & graphic designer" because since i'll be soloing for quite awhile i'd rather do it that way.



Senior Member
Very nice - but I still think you're kinda designing for web.

1. Those drop shadows on the small copy probably wont show at all
2. The background will probably not print like that as the pattern looks smaller than normal screen
3. The outer glow might come out weird!

All MIGHTS and PROBABLYs but think about it in terms of print output! ;)
Haha, that's what I got you guys for...since this is my first real print project. I was thinking about that because I actually did print it out and things looked a bit dark and not the way I was hoping...so I figured that might be the issue. I think i'm going to go with this design but i'll take away all the effects to make it print-friendly...thanks!