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Burglary at Museum of Modern Art, Paris


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Five paintings by Picasso, Matisse and other great artists have been stolen from the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, police sources say.The paintings stolen are estimated to be worth some 500m euros (£431m; $618m), the sources say.

Officials at the museum discovered the theft early on Thursday when they found a window and a lock had been broken, sources said.
BBC News - Five masterpieces stolen from Paris modern art museum
Just read this story on BBC News, and had two observations;

1. Surely as it's a major news story the value of the paintings is irrelevant as it would be impossible to sell them for anywhere near their true value?

2. A window and lock? I have more security at my house by the sounds of it!?


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I was watching Allo Allo the other day. It's up there with Fawlty towers for unPC humor.

The more the merrier I say!

My work here is done!


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It's because of Night at the Museum, which was broadcast on TV few days ago. It gave strange ideas to burglars and frightened watchmen.