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Bsc Product Design Final Year Project

Hello my name is Andrew and I am approaching studying the final year of studies at the University of Derby studying BSc Product Design.

For my final year project I need to find a problem which needs solving and to research further into this to identify the feasibility of finding a suitable outcome. As a BSc student the problem doesn't have to be that radical than those studying a Ba course however I need to find an area to investigate further.

And so I am asking for a little help if you are having any problems with products or find a product annoying to use?

Thank you for your help.

Andrew Gratton
Hi Andrew

So is Terry Watson still there? If so tell him I said hi. Pretty sure he will remember me.

As for what to design..... I would use your own experience. The classic products to redesign are toasters, can openers, hair dryers.... Realistically what you need to do is find any area with enough scope to it. Enough to keep you interested. Having said everyone does things like hair dryers has a silent one ever been invented.... I already have the solution or near solution for this....



Sean Lee-Amies

Hey, welcome to the forums :) You too James, sorry I didn't get round to it in your other post!

I know one area that could use some thought - drone delivery logistics. They have some solutions floating around but nothing that's really one size fits all. If I think of more ideas, I'll come back to you :p