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Broken Hand :(

Hi Guys,

My brother phone this evening to ask me if I could go and pick him up as his car had broken down. When I arrived the car was on the edge of a give way area so he asked me to push the car backwards at this point he had the car door open at the drivers side.

As the door was open I grabbed the frame of the car just where the door would shut, without relising my brother slammed the door shut right onto my hand, I start my new job tomorrow and have to drive 40 miles for 2 weeks until I move into my new place at Newcastle. I need to make it there tomorrow and am going to have to drive. Lucky its my right hand so I can change gear but I just hope there is no paper work to fill in tomorrow.


Senior Member
Would like a tough break high five?

Jeez, more bad jokes...

Glen, you seem to be getting the ****ty end of the stick lately, I hope everything sorts itself out for you asap!

I remember when I broke my hand, not a nice few weeks! The only plus was when I had the physio sessions once the cast was off! The doc said, I would need to work on my dexterity and gave me one of those grip things, I said, "would playing guitar help?" and this is still the best thing I have ever been told, "Can you fit in a few hours a day?" I was totally silent! A real rarity for me.

"Mr Partridge, do you think you can manage to play guitar for 2 hours a day?"

"Can I get that in writing?"
chrismitchell said:
he could get someone to type it for him :)
...............................exactly! None of those stars can actually write harry! They are not that educated.....they only tell the stories and a writer pens it down.:p