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Brochure format orientation


Junior Member

I am working on a brochure that will include many pictures in landscape orientation in addition to some maps. The project is about a company of surveying services.

But, I am confused whether I do the brochure in Landscape or in Portrait orientation. Any advice about those two options?
please introduce yourself over in the introduction section first, more people are likely to help then, but as I'm a helpful kinda guy I would suggest doing it all in landscape, if the images being used will be kept in landscape format then everything can be kept proportional without ending up with a small image on one page then struggling to work out what to fill the rest of the page with.


Staff member
Agree with the above.

I have to raise concerns though...if you don't know whether it's best to do something in landscape or portrait, something fairly basic and arguably fundamental to design, do you really think you should be doing the brochure yourself?