broadband speed


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ouch, maybe try later tonight (2-3 in the morning) if they aren't delivering find out why. I realise it says up-to-8mb but 1/4 of it just isnt good enough.

Yes, Uk isn't great for speeds


Staff member is rubbish as a tester, actually just about every test is. According to the test I'm getting a 4meg connection, I'm on 8 and get a consistent 650KB/s download (limited due to exchange :() when a server can saturate it (the main issue for me) and 80KB/s upload. The fact that I had to restart the app really isn't good, flash just isn't designed to test your download speed

As much as I would like faster, the likelihood of me getting anyone other than bt coming to my exchange is about as much as me winning the lottery which I don't play!

The best benchmark is to get an os based measurement tool (I've got one on vistas sidebar) and then set a few high bandwidth downloads going (apple is pretty good here) and then physically watch the speed you are getting.


mine at home is utterly awful from Virgin.. I am almost 100% sure that it is throttled ... At work its pretty much the same as Kevin's results... how much does it cost for your connection Fred? :D


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Tenner a month. Recently changed, was £15 for a slower speed and a limit on usage, this is up to 20mb (they say ill reach up to 16mb), costs a tenner a month as I'm with o2 (£15/mo otherwise) and unlimited usage.

Worth noting it costs double I believe if O2 haven't put their stuff into your exchange, and you probably wont get top speeds anyway. Luckily they've put their kit into our one.