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British Touring Cars


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Ok so some of you guys dnt like f1 because you think it's not exciting enough so what about the BTCC? It starts this weekend at Thruxton anyone live local to the track


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It's a nice track yeh. I've got tickets for Croft and Brands Hatch runs twice this season in the BTCC I wouldny mind going there either!
I went up in a light aircraft a few times from there....no racing though. More interested in looking out to see what goodies they had a Boscombe Down across the road.


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keith115 said:
what channel and time will it be on ? i always seem to miss it or on at daft times.
Do we have another auto racing fan among us? That's FANTASTIC! the cars and the track, and all the fans, and the roarin engines..its really great!

Actually I'm not into it personally. But if so it'll be cool for Glen to have someone to chit chat with about it.:eek: And it will give me more chances to look at Keith's pic:eek: :angel:
im a bit of a motor sport fan, not obsessive (i only watched f1 then BTCC then top gear today) :p

EDIT - add world rally to that aswell lol

Tom Sound

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Really enjoyed it, and the grand prix, good to see Giovanardi get a drive, they should keep him there for a few races at least now, what a legend :up: