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Britains most unhygienic city is Bristol!



Britain's most unhygienic cities

As swine flu continues to spread across Britain, and indeed the world, the government has tried to emphasise just how important good cleanliness is. It is a message that appears not to have made an impact in Bristol.

As part of National Hand Hygiene Awareness Week, Wet Ones carried out a poll of 4,000 adults to look at the nation's washing habits.

The poll found that Bristol is the most unhygienic city in Britain. Those living in the city go the longest without washing their hands. According to the poll Bristolians failed to give their hands a good scrub with soap and water for nearly 38 hours straight.

That's the equivalent of dodging the soap for almost two full days, with several opting for a 'quick rinse under the tap' as a viable alternative.

The news that some people will go nearly two days without washing their hands is especially shocking because of the global swine flu outbreak. The virus can be spread through direct contact, so the need for better personal hygiene is crucial.

Professor Lindsey Davies, National Director of Pandemic Flu Preparedness at the Department of Health said: "Helping to stop the spread of flu is easy - covering your nose and mouth with tissues when you cough and sneeze, throwing the tissue away and cleaning your hands really helps prevent the virus spreading.

"The message is simple - catch it, bin it, kill it."

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Mohammad said:
Wet Ones carried out a poll of 4,000 adults to look at the nation's washing habits
Is that a poll of 4,000 for the whole nation? Hardly a study if it is.

Its like those adverts on tv that say -> use this new fandabidozy loreal creame, 80% of 166 people agree that it works. Yeah right...


Senior Member
well you know what they say (as i've said it probably once too many)

19600% of polls are exaggarated.

(make that twice too many)
Went there once on stag do.

Got very very pissed - hotel bar bill was £96 (for one night me only!).

Went paint balling and managed to shoot myself in the foot, keecap and back - whilst still severly pissed the morining after.

In summary - Bristol unhygenic? No idea - it was a bloody expensive and painful place tho - oh and theres some right munters about - and didnt see one member of the cast of Skins.