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Britain’s creative industries could soon employ more people than the financial sector


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Thanks for posting the link Gareth.
Good to read something positive in the media! :)

Jonathan Kestenbaum, chief executive of Nesta, says, ‘Today’s figures point to the creative industries, and specifically the talent we have nurtured within it, becoming a key driver in the UK’s recovery from recession.’
Thanks Greg and Chris, Chris your right - but I think its both positive and negative for us designers, but over all positive.

I think many more business are realising that good design can set them apart, communicate to their audience and it has a very important part to play within business in general.


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Seems pretty logical. Everything is automated in that sector, and everyone is losing their jobs with the financial crisis. You can't tell a computerto read the client's mind and visualize it.
^Kinda... Photoshop is getting bigger and easier, and there are still lots of people going around either:
a)Thinking that it's done in 5 minutes... "just photoshop it".
b)Have a little kid in the family with photoshop who "can do it".
But the bigger businesses, yes. So overall, good thing! ^^