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Breaking this design rut I'm in...

Discussion in 'Logo Design & Brand Identity Forum:' started by Mosskat, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Mosskat

    Mosskat Member

    Hey everyone! I'm hoping I can get some help in this.

    I am, and always have been primarily an illustrator. I would go so far as to say I'm good at it.

    I am also interested in design, but I find in comparison to my illustrations my designs tend to be drab, 'safe' and unappealing. I would be ashamed actually to show some of my older design works in my portfolio now.

    Why is this? I really, really want to improve my design skills and am always researching, looking for inspiration etc. But put me down in front of a computer and I go for the same safe boring approach. (I've seen some folks make fantastic illustration/design combos which literally make my mouth water but I've never been able to pull it off myself...)

    I don't -want- to be this way. I'm a high competitive person and have always prided myself on my art. I want to be the best and I'm willing to work towards it.

    But, how do I do this? How do I break through this mental barrier I seem to have made for myself? How do I go from just okay design to WOW design?

    Feedback greatly appreciated.
  2. matt

    matt Member

    If I new a magic formula for making work look WOW, I sure as hell wouldn't be sharing it with anyone else! Not for free anyway.

    If you're a good illustrator, why don't you stick to that? I trained as a graphic designer and I'm therefore crap at illustration, that's why I pay other people to do that as and when it's needed.

    Otherwise, just stick at it. It takes experience and practice and arguably a lot of training to be good, so it'll come in time. Don't be afraid to throw together lots of whaky, crazy stupid layouts together; 99% of it will be crap, but invariably something interesting will come out of the 1%
  3. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Hi Kathryn,

    When you start a new design do you start off on the computer straight away? Starting off on the design packages will limit your ideas and creativity, first try drafting out some ideas with quick sketches on a layout pad, I think most designers would revert to a standardized approach if they started projects on the computer. (Apologies if that's not what you meant and I've got the wrong end of the stick!)

    Are there any other illustration/design combos that use a similar illustrative style to yourself? It might be a good idea to look around at how designers put your illustrations into their design work, what elements they take from your work and extend across a design, or what design styles compliment your illustration and vice versa.

  4. berry

    berry Active Member

    Turn the computer off.
  5. berry

    berry Active Member

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