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Branding Profile: The Islands of the Bahamas


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Hey guys,

I wanted to try and start a regular little branding inspiration/profile type feature on the forums, so each week I'm going to pick a piece of popular branding and post some images of the branding across all the various applications. I'm hoping these profiles will build up to be an interesting resource to view for inspiration and just bring a smile to a few designers' faces! :)

To kick things off, one of my personal favourites, the branding completed for The Islands of the Bahamas designed by Joe Duffy of Duffy & Partners. (I'm sure most of you will have seen the logo in some format in a book or on the web).

I think this branding is so clever and so well suited to the task, it just brings out emotions and feelings you would expect of the subject matter, in this case the location of the Bahamas, and it's been incredibly well thought out across the vast array of applications it takes.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this branding, why you think it's successful/unsuccessful and any suggestions for future branding profile posts :)



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Yes, seen it around, and love it every time. I had not seen some of these applications. Thanks for sharing. Hmmmm...now I want a mug?


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Yeah me neither, I found them when I eventually found out that Duffy had done the branding, if you check out their site link in that first post there's actually a few more photos of different applications, great stuff! I'd love to have a copy of that brochure they did, some of the page designs look amazing! (I imagine the fantastic photos of Barbados didn't do the design any harm!)


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Awesome thanks Olga, I've sent my details off, I'll let you know if they send the same brochure that's pictured above and on the Duffy site! Thanks :D Greg