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Branding colors


New Member
Hello all.

I am new to this forum and looking for advice. I am currently into branding a friends business and I am currently stumped at the colors.

I have found three colors that could represent their primary 3 color 60/30/10 scheme. However, I have trouble creating a secondary palette for it. Is there any logical formula or steps to take to acheive this? I am completely stumped.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


New Member
I guess what I'm asking is what is the context of creating the secondary palette. To only accent the primaries or for another reason.
The context depends on the design, where/what is it for? Who says you have to have a secondary colour palette anyway?! I've worked on plenty of indents
over the years that only have a primary set of colours. I've also had the 'pleasure' of having to work with identities that have terribly worked out secondary colour
palettes and the client insists sticking to the manual…end result is awful looking work that I'd never admit to working on (but happily take the money).