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br3n's Apple Crumble


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My review of br3n's Apple Crumble

For dessert, Apple Crumble was made with Braeburn apples and had good, light texture, though the strawberries seemed to me an odd choice – why strawberry with apple? The surprising combination worked well with a real sense of summer character, the addition of the vanilla custard provided a little piquant seasoning that was welcome on the dish. The apples were pleasantly caramelised, and this was a good 8.5/10 level dessert.

Service was very good, with our waiter (Brendan) attentive, efficient and friendly. Overall this was a very pleasant evening, with a consistent level of technical skill displayed in the kitchen, and an appealing menu. It could be improved further by a greater emphasis on higher grade ingredients. The place was packed out on the evening of our visit, and the waiting staff seemed well-drilled, the atmosphere welcoming and enjoyable.


nicely done there Greg (and Brendan) :) i've had Apple and Raspberry Crumble in NZ which was also lovely :)