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br3n goes downunder!


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Thats right! Im off to oz in 2 weeks time! got a 12 month working holiday visa and a bag full of hopes and dreams, The only bad thing is the first stop is melbourne which as im sure you know.. is having some troubles the moment!

+40 degreese and massive bush fires. hmmm...



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Wow that's awesome!
Are you going to be freelancing whilst you're out there or looking for work once you're there? Think we have a few members from Australia on here so they might be able to offer you a spot of advice.

Yes heard about the bushfires, sounds scary! Even more concerning that they think some of them may have been started by arson.

Where abouts are you planning to travel? Up the East Coast?


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Common problem with bush fires, people always start them and unless they are caught doing it its quite hard for them to ever find out who done it. If this one was arson then they have turned out to be a mass murderer!

I'm jealous bren, are you just leaving the time scale to see how it goes, no set limit to when to come home? You'll have an amazing time


I worked in New Zealand as a Graphic Designer for 5 years.. dunno if that helps any? :) I know of a few design houses out there in Oz... depends where you're going exactly, Sydney, Melbourne etc etc :)


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Im doing the east coast, Ive got a plane ticket home for 7th of may (10 weeks) but I can change that at any time - so thats like a worst case scenario type thing, Im hoping to do whatever work i can get - not fussed what, I kitesurf so hopefully can spend a lot of my time doing that :)


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I agree, you are a lucky b*stard.

Although it's kinda worrying if the Australian fires were started by arson, they've made people's homes disappear in a few minutes. :eek:
A classmate of mine from last year is going down in a week to go to school in Melbourne! Scary... Have fun Br3n, it's a real adventure :D


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cheers dude, only just finnishing packing, may have left it a bit late :p

amazing how many expenses you forget, just the visa, travel insurance and kite insurance is over £300!