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born again designer

Hi, and wow! what a interesting place to be, I 'm just dont know why I hadn't look into checking out this site before!

Anyway, basically I've been a graphic designer for some 15 years or more in the field of Advertising and Design and at the end of the 90's I pulled out to do some travel and in that time had to have an emergency operation, something that seems to be prevalent when getting old! anyhow that pulled me away from graphics into other really quite boring work. and its only 8 years later that I decided to do graphics. So I'm now a born again designer.

Design has moved forward very quickly, and styles vary a lot, speed and time scales have changed too and this is something I need to be aware off. Having completed a number of adobe courses to update my skills, Ive thrown myself into freelance or really setting up my own business, except without any capital, hence the hard way!

So I'm hoping to meet all kinds of people who share the drive and enjoyment of design, have a laugh and perhaps get some advice and opinions on my presently pedestrian approach to work! Look forward to chatting to you all!



Hi Andy :) welcome to the forum :) I hope that you find this place as inspiring as we all do :D
Hi Andy,

Welcome to Design Forums. Good to hear you've found your way back to the world of Design. Best of luck with your new freelance career!



Active Member
Hi Andy,

Good to see you could join us, and I hope you'll be back to make a second post before too long! Sorry for my delay in reply to your intro thread, I'm usually much quicker but am away traveling at the moment - good to see you got a warm welcome from the welcome wagon at DF! :)

Look forward to hearing more from you.
Thanks, Greg