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Borderless Printing

Hi people, I bet this has been asked a million times but I have only just joined, I need to print some flyers for a customer but I am having problems trying to print without a boarder? I have tried using powerpoint, photoshop,do I need another programme or am I doing something wrong? tia


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Is your problem that you want all round bleed on your flyer? And you are trying to print on a desktop or office printer? Certainly in my considerable experience laser printers always have a border - a gripper edge that keep the paper from winding round the printer drum. If you are running more than a very small number I would suggest getting them properly printed - either digitally or litho depending on quantity. If your client is just after a few them printed them and trim them. Which is what a print shop would do - only with bleed so they wouldn't end up smaller than you want.
If you want a job done properly - then do it properly!


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What size are your flyers, what size paper are you attempting to print them on and do they contain bleed (I assume not)?

Paul Murray

Staff member
I'd use a professional printer, it will be much cheaper than printing them yourself. Check out Stationery Direct (full disclaimer: they run this site) – https://www.stationery-direct.co.uk/flyer-printing.php . You can get a small run of 50 printed for £27, or 2000 for twice as much, with free mainland courier delivery to the UK. I use them often and have never had any problems. Their turn around time is always extremely fast.