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Hi world,

My names Will and I'm currently doing AS Design Technology at a Sixth Form near Cardiff. I look forward to expanding my knowledge and creativity this year and I think this Forum could just save my life as it's already given me lots of helpful advice!


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Welcome aboard Will.
I remember the old AS Design Tech days, just about!
Good to hear the forums are proving to be useful already.



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I was part of the first year to do the new AS/A2 levels, just a way fo trying to make students work more in their first year of sixth form/a-levels I think!


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Welcome to the forum whell1.

I remember AS Levels... its what we did two of in place of an A-Level. Back in the days where you did 3 A-levels and that was that. The year after us did all that kerazy new-fangled AS-levels everywhere jazz. No wonder the kids are confused. Or the employers.

Blimey, hard to believe that was almost a decade ago for me now... O_O