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Books to learn


I'm wanted to learn the world of web so I can add another feather to my cap but was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on books, websites or any other way of learning. I have seen the Dreamweaver books and hundreds of CSS books but not sure which ones to put my hard earned cash into.

Any advice would be great.

Thanks all.
While I think web reference books are invaluable, sometimes there's nothing better than creating your own website and WordPress CMS website...you'll be experiencing real problems and finding solutions to HTML / CSS / PHP problems and issues.

Find somewhere that offers free (or very cheap hosting) and start creating your web pages.
What Designmatic said ;) Also take a look at smashing magazine and a list apart (google it), I really do think there is a lot to be learned from their respective articles :)


Senior Member
I find W3 schools very useful. The trouble with books is you then have to copy the books code onto the screen to work through lessons, so if you go the book route make sure it has an accompanying CD.
There is also selfhtml.org which I think is very useful to look up certain things – it comes only in german, though, and in french I think ... But if you are okay with that, it is quite nice :)