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Book reviews

Anyone know any decent book review websites where I can see some thought one Design type books in particular?


EDIT: Or does anyone recommend any books?


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Berry made a list iirc but can't remember where he did that, might be worth a search on berry's posts
Yeah I remember that post, I just went through Berry's posts just then and couldnt see it. Maybe it was Greg that posted? or Chris maybe..I remember it was one of the more active users..


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After a quick search for Recommended Books the 2nd of 3 links had this :p :cool:
10 Books you need. £164.00
1. The Production Manual: A Grapic Design handbook - Gavin Ambrose £24.00
2. The complete guide to Digital Graphic Design -Bob Gordon £20.00
3. 1000 Graphic Elements - Rockport £25
4. 1000 Greetings - Rockport £25.
5. Web Design index - Gunter eer ( vol 6 or 7 or any) £15.00
6. Pantone guide to communicating with colour - Leatrice Eiseman £25
7. More words that sell - Richard Bayan £11.00
8 Logo Lounge - Rockport 15.00
9. It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be - Paul Arden £4.99
10. BBBoL - Berry burgess' book of life - £0.00
Reviews as in peoples opinions on something. anyone can have a top 10 list of books!
I need likes and dislikes, thoughts.. ya know.

Not just, "i like this book. buy it" lol :p


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that list was composed by Berry, I'm sure the list only has decent books. As to reviews, amazon is usually pretty good in my view :p
When is the Smashing Magazine going to be out? I know you can pre-order it now, but when is it actually going to be distributed?
Does anybody know?
Your Smashing Book: Update

Starts shipping 23rd Nov, ditto on the pre-order, hope it's worth it!

I'm also waiting for Mark Boulton's new book too :( 'Designing Grid systems for the Web' oh and I have David Airey's Logo Design Love on pre-order. I love my books :(

I have some of the books on Berry's list and they're great, going to add one or two from it on to my Christmas Wish List me thinks :)


I'm still waiting for my copy too... I did get an email saying there was a slight delay due to Christmas :(