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Book cover design - please help me choose :)

Discussion in 'Graphic Design & Logo Design Critique:' started by starburst, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. starburst

    starburst New Member

    Hello everyone!
    Firstly thank you for looking at my designs. I do appreciate your time and feedback. I'm not a graphic designer by profession but have dabbled in it. The following designs is for a ebook to be sold on Amazon. The ebook is a 14000 word practical concise guide to developing your conversational skills and building genuine relationships. Amazon's webpage has a white background and the book cover will appear slightly larger than thumbnail size alongside other books (when viewed on a computer). However when clicked on, the image size will be approximately 4 times the smaller size. Accordingly I have designed the cover for small sized viewing, meaning to have it stand out from the other books I have used - large bold font and adopted a clean look (for most covers). I do still need to re-check for exact alignment of text.

    Please let know which book cover you'd purchase or if you don't like any of them please also let me know, though do leave reasons as to why.

    Please ignore any watermarks, they won't appear in the final versions.

    Thank you again for your feedback.

    COVER 1

    COVER 2

    COVER 3

    COVER 4

    COVER 5

    COVER 6 - Please ignore the botchy background. The final version the background will be a uniform red. And there will be no green.

    This is a mockup of how the covers will appear in the amazon store BookMockUpIn-Amazon-Store_S.jpg

    Attached Files:

  2. starburst

    starburst New Member

    This cover should have uploaded too, but for some reason failed.

    COVER 7
  3. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    Out of those I'd go for cover 3 (orange one) with some tweaks to the typography to get it looking a little nicer. Orange is an active colour and it's more likely to stand out to a browser (Amazon use orange for their buttons for a reason ;) ).
  4. Neon

    Neon Member

    I agree, the more simple ones stand out more and I feel orange definitely does as well. Tweak some of the leading and kerning on the type, and possibly try out some different typefaces.
  5. starburst

    starburst New Member

    Thanks for your feedback Paul. What tweaks to the typography do you suggest?
  6. starburst

    starburst New Member

    Hi Neon
    Thanks for your comments. What typefaces do you recommend?
  7. @GCarlD

    @GCarlD Well-Known Member

    The orange cover 3 does stand out the most, but that's because it's well... orange. I also, would usually go for the more simplistic designs of cover 3 & 4 but in this case I feel the design can be mistaken / misinterpreted from it's context, and possibly connote something other than Effective Communication. Cover 5 & 6 has more of a phycological emotive which again may lead me astray; albeit phycology may very well be a section / chapter / part of this book. Cover 2 I dislike because I feel as though it has been less thought out, and feel the very homogeneous group of people illustrated ironically goes against the title / subtitle and intentions of the book. That leaves me with Cover 1, which I feel stands out in it's own way, looks the most professional, has a kind of casual, chilled out emotive and forms an instant relationship with the title / subtitle. Whether I'd use the red text, I'm not so sure, although it is very commanding which is good, but at the same time possibly too harsh?

    Lastly, be sure you have paid for the correct license for your stock imagery, I know it can be very pricey if you intend selling these books.
  8. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    How they look relative to other books on kindle will also be affected by the types of books they're displayed with.

    If I'm perfectly honest none of those book designs particularly stand out to me, it's the captivate (top row third from left) that pulls my eye to it as it's contrasting the most with the surrounding items. May I suggest trying a simple design using black plus a vibrant accent colour.
    As said there's definitely some issues with the text on your designs.
  9. starburst

    starburst New Member

    Hi thanks for your feedback. Cover 1 and 5, are black with vibrant accent colours.
  10. starburst

    starburst New Member

    Thank you for your feedback.

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