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Hey everyone! I am Charlotte, 17, from London and I don't/can't design! :)
I came here to spur me into doing design again as I used to do web-design for fun in my free time.

Some examples of my work before I stopped:

Pink + Blue by =freshclass on deviantART
DesignKids by =freshclass on deviantART
DecHost by =freshclass on deviantART
OpenPipe Solutions Limited by =freshclass on deviantART

As you can see my work is very amateur-ish.
I'd really like to start again and make a portfolio for myself, I'd also like to concentrate on illustration and t-shirt design as I collect t-shirts.
Not sure if I will ever have the time.

Nice to meet you all!


Senior Member
the web design screenshots are amateurish!! infact, if you could produce those, you'd be brilliant! IMHO anyway!

Yeah, getting back into doing the portfolio.... good luck with that! takes so much effort it's unbelievable! i've worked from 9am until 3am the next day on my previous portfolio site, then scrapped it the next week!


Active Member
Hi Charlotte,

Welcome to Design Forums, hopefully you'll find more than enough inspiration around the place to get you interested in web design as a hobby again :)

BTW your 2 illustrations links aren't working for me?

Hi Charlotte, im new too so welcome aboard...im still getting to know my way around the site and check out all the forums! I can't keep up there are so many lol! I'm liking your work! :-D