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Blimming Brilliant

I saw this a few days back absolutely awesome it is, it shows shows how hard the engineers work really. Imagine putting one of these back together with a few hours to spare after one of the drivers have just driven one into the wall at 180mph..now that's a task and a half! I imagine that the lads have a lot of knowledge of the car and this was just a "funny promo" adverts for us Mclaren fans.

I'm a premium member of the VMM fan club, I get to see some awesome videos that others don't (not that anyone on here would be interested in that like!), and there are some cool ones around of the guy messing around away from the track. It all seems such a relaxed place to work, however there is a lot of hard work and knuckling down to be done obviously.

It would be a dream to meet the guys and have a visit to the Mclaren home. SO excited for Silverstone 2 and a half weeks! WHOOP!