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Senior Member
Well my phone broke (as some of you may have seen on twitter) the other day.
But managed to organise a new contract and am now the happy owner of a blackberry... :D

Anyone got any app suggestions that work on the 4.6 OS (non touch screen) ... especially if they definitely work on the 8520 Curve?

Seems to do everything I wanted a smart phone to do :) Only issue I've found so far is remembering to actively close down apps when I finish with them instead of "minimizing" them.. damn multitasking ;)
I have a Blackberry Bold 9700, my first BB after making the switch from an iPhone. Had it since just before Xmas and I'm very pleased with it and its performance.

Once I get tabbed browsing I'll be over the moon.


Senior Member
Have a 9530 Storm myself and it comes in pretty handy. Mostly use it to keep contact with friends and work associates and occasionally the GPS navigation. Sometimes the touchscreen can be a little precise so its easy to "fat-finger" and make typos when trying to use the keypad. But otherwise its good IMO