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Bird Tweeting at the window


Active Member
Now either I've been burning the midnight candle too much and am just losing my mind, or there is a bird that's losing/lost it's mind! Its 1am and a small bird keeps tweeting a lot, right outside my window, I'm hoping it goes away by the time I try and get some sleep...

I know what you're thinking... :blink:


Senior Member
maybe it's one of those birds like the ones off "my super ex-girlfriend" (film). It was in fact recording every single move...

did that spook ya? hopefully!


Active Member
I can't see it, can only hear it... it is pretty dark out there, unless it was like a parakeet don't think I could spot it. It's a little un-nerving!


Active Member
....Greg, most probably maybe the only time you'll have a bird outside your house at late at night wanting to get in! ( and you blew it!!):D


Active Member
Yeah I got some sleep Soren, it went shortly after I posted on here!

very good BB, was wondering when someone might make a comment like that, surprised it took you so long to come up with that ;);)