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bing on safari5


Senior Member

despite the "interesting" adverts that "compell" me to "instantly use" "bing", the day has finally come that i can get rid of ad-ridden google in place for a "decent" search engine.

nom nom.

safari 5 btw has blue loading bar again! :D and pretty gradients.


Senior Member
:) I keep meaning to switch to bing but never do, google just keeps me going back :D

Installed safari 5 at work today, found out a vimeo vid was playing up in it so stopped using it lol


Staff member
don't knock bing, if you ignore the fact it's from microsoft it's actually a pretty good search engine, some would even say it's better than google.


Senior Member
The blue loading bar is awesome, and I made Safari 4 fall back to it with a Terminal command. I even have a plugin for that on Firefox :p
*Suddenly wonders if there is one for Chrome as well*