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Big Bonjour. Please help!

I am a Graphic design student at Salford University, and need some commentary on my blog. The first project is about awareness and respect between motorists and cyclists in Manchester, from a pro cycling perspective. Also an identity and branding project on my second blog. And if you could muster the gusto, a third blog about my animation project. I will send positive vibes through the cosmos to all takers! Thank you. Digital sketchbook Moving Image digital sketchbook Martin Bloggington
Hi Martin. Love the cycle lane abuse blog.

I'm a lifelong cyclist myself and constantly restraining myself from getting irate on the roads, particularly now I live in Glasgow's West End.

Funny how motorists think they have a right to be on the roads, when it's only cyclists and horse riders that have a real legal right - that's why motorists drive under a license! Having said that attitudes differ across the country, and Scottish drivers are actually quite respectful towards cyclists (except the elderly ones who mainly have no spatial awareness).

Tom Sound

Active Member
Martin, I tried commenting on your blog but I didn't have one of the required id's?


Next time the starbucks lorry unloads you should organise a flashmob of cyclists to ride up the tail lift into the back and get a piccy :up: